I am working on updating this site to have more user friendly things. I am going to redesign the home page an hopefully ad a forum! I added a new page to show cool things that i am doing and i am now able to help people with tuts. and psp questions. So, ask away and if i can answer it i will. Also i am going to add a counter to see how many people are seeing my website.
3/16/2010 01:42:48 pm

thats total pwnage!! you should make some more cool things like the RC snowplow!

3/18/2010 12:34:25 pm

i found this site in someone's sig on magistream.com, this site totally owns!!!


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    Sir pwns'alot lol

    Hi i am a person who loves using psp's and computers. I am using a laptop with ubuntu on it. I really like technology. That is basically it.


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