I made a new site! it is more advanced and i made it in html
After a while of searching i finally created a forum for everyone! I really hope you guys all start using the website again!
As you all know i like to mod my psp. Well i also mod my xbox 360 controllers and i will be adding a new page about them.
Hey everyone! I wanted to tell everyone about my os(operating system) i am using ubuntu. There is a beta and i wanted everyone to now about it. You can get it at http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/lucid/beta1. It is an amazing os and it is free. Also i am adding a new thing under extras if you guys want to check it out then please do so. I am working on a forum for everyone right now. It might have to be on a diferent site :-( I will tell you if anything comes up.
     I am working on updating this site to have more user friendly things. I am going to redesign the home page an hopefully ad a forum! I added a new page to show cool things that i am doing and i am now able to help people with tuts. and psp questions. So, ask away and if i can answer it i will. Also i am going to add a counter to see how many people are seeing my website.




Ok for tim you can search atmoshr in google or under contacts in my site I have a link. Also i am so happy that this website is helping people. I thought that i was talking to my self well i guess that i am not so Yay! Also a shout out to
videogamemaster343 You made my day!
They have just released a online version of atmoshpr! Yay. I am waiting to be invited.
i created this blog so if any one has questoins they can ask

    Sir pwns'alot lol

    Hi i am a person who loves using psp's and computers. I am using a laptop with ubuntu on it. I really like technology. That is basically it.


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